Four steps to help small companies think and act big:


Strategy: It's not only about what to do but more importantly about what not to do.

Innovation: It's better to be first than to be better. If you're trying to be better stop, find something you can be first in.

Creativity: Creativity is about generating many ideas 24/7 because only a few will become great ideas.          

Skills: You need to identity your key processes so they become learned skills because skills build company value.


There are no cookie cutter solutions in EZtratego... Every service is designed to your specific needs!


Taylor made client centric services and solutions

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Entering a new market is very much like a space capsule entering the earth atmosphere: You need a perfectly designed spaceship aimed at right angle and traveling at the correct speed to avoid being rejected by the earth crust or burning up at entry.


2)The Reliable Capsule: Great Business Concept Design

• Product/Service Tropicalization

• Value Proposition Design: 4i's Approach

• Branding Strategy / Why

• Value-Segment Match Making

• "Look & Feel" Approximation

1) The Atmosphere Opening: Looking for Market Entry Opportunities

• Market Opportunities

• Market Analysis

• Market Growth Trend ID

• Benchmarking

• Market Potential


4)The Correct Speed: Minimum Cost Market Monetizing Platform

• Product or Service Prototype Design

• Selling and Servicing Market Testing

• Prototype Fine Tuning

• Go to Formal Market Strategy

3) The Right Angle: the Right Strategy Business Model

• The Right Strategy

• Business Model Optimization

• Reality Check Business Case

• Business Implementation Plan

Services that impact your revenue and bottom line

We offer only services that positively impact your revenues and bottom line!


Service Menu

  • Mystery customer programs

  • Market research 

  • Digital marketing strategy

  • Social media development

  • Database & inbound marketing

  • Shopper marketing and consumer behavior

  • CRM (Costumer Relationship Management)

  • US Hispanic marketing strategy

  • Investor funding presentations

  • Customer journey and experience

  • Non-profit strategy and business models

  • Business model optimization and adaptation

  • Business financial planning

  • Business strategic planning

  • Business disruption

  • Strategy, marketing and sales training

  • C-Level business advice

  • Chief Marketing Officer CMO Outsourcing

  • Creative marketing strategies and plans

  • Brand strategy

  • Sales pitch presentations

  • Design solutions

  • Sustainability strategies


EZtratego helps you focus on how your company creates, delivers and captures value!