What we bring to your table:

Speed: Do what's right for your idea / startup / business fast.

Direction: Aim correctly to hit the right targets.

Agility: Drop everything that doesn't add value.

Be First in your segment: Stop trying to be better. It's better to be First!

Competitiveness: Boost your Value Proposition, make it innovative, irresistible and inspirational.

Tailor made disruptive business strategies for market entry, revenue growth & profit acceleration

EZtratego is a hands-on entrepreneur and business strategy boutique consulting firm focused on startups and companies in need of rapid growth and transformation. Our firm strategizes, plans and executes: creative marketing plans, out of the box strategies, business model optimization and new revenue engineering initiatives. EZtratego clients are usually startups, small businesses and mid-size companies that require to enter a market efficiently or reach the next revenue/market level or that are in need of strategic re-invention.

Squeeze the juice out of your Business or Startupi


Your strategy needs the right strategy! - EZtratego is your business GPS -

Today, business changes fast. Everything that was right becomes rapidly uncertain so you are suddenly facing new problems that need complex solutions.  It has never been more important -or more difficult- to choose the right strategy for the next stretch. Should you adapt or aim to be first? Should you reinvent or spin off? Should you diversify or segment? Is a sustainable competitive advantage possible in your industry? Or should you embrace frequent change? And if you ever get it right... Boom! Here comes another change again.

EZtratego helps you swiftly identify and create the right strategy approach for every curve and obstacles you will find on the road ahead.

Think big, act big - Executing the next level -

Minding the day-to-day will only get you so far. To really grow your business, you need a strategic management and execution process in place.

For many small and mid-size companies, executing expansion and diversification strategies can seem like a luxury. After all, one of the biggest struggles for a young company is identifying even a single core offering that will drive the brand and business in the first place... let alone expand beyond its current parameters.

To achieve balance during growth, and increase your company chances of continuous success you must focus on controlling expansion at a manageable rate. You must also identify the core value of your offering and ensure that new growth ideas connect with your core value to avoid overextending your business. 

 So ask yourself: who's thinking STRATEGY full time in your team? EZtratego can do that for you. Remember, don’t act small when you're thinking big!

Let new ideas fly - Start ups and fear of the first flight -

Starting a business can be one of the most stressful things a person does. Despite the fact that thousands have done it before, it can be daunting to take your first step without a guiding mentor. 

Whether you are starting an online business or a brick-and-mortar model, figuring out how to start a venture, at its most basic, means first finding a market need and then filling it with lots of value. Or if your venture is already successful outside the U.S. and you want to enter the U.S. market, or vice versa, your strategy has to adapt to new game rules and competitive realities.

Don't let paralysis by analysis stop you. Get going! Nothing happens until you leap and fly for the first time. Ask yourself are you ready to act?

Abandon your comfort zone to succeed! - Opening new markets and territories -

In known markets, companies can carefully pick their next moves, but in new markets humility matters.  Despite the best preparation possible, there will always be surprises... guaranteed.

Capturing new markets is an excellent way to grow. But if such markets were easy to crack, they would not hold so much potential for profit.  By using the right strategy for unique new business environments, companies can vastly improve the odds of triumph in unknown terrain. 

Remember, the challenge of new markets is the flip side of their allure. Strategize and plan ahead!

Get out of the box - Think differently -

Sometimes, when you are losing a game, you have to stop playing by the rules, you need to switch strategy and change the game itself.

There’s no vision inside a box. The key is to define the box (ceiling, floor and walls) in any given situation and then seek for new and bold alternatives, often unconventional solutions, that would be considered beyond the norm.

When you are faced with an innovation crisis, thinking more expansively about all the reasons and paths that led to the crisis will help you break free. You should always consider every possibility and hypothetical alteration to optimize your business model along the path, never being dismissive of anything. List the dogmas and question every one of them.

It’s about seeing the same thing everybody sees and thinking what nobody else thought. Where everybody saw a fast horse, Henry Ford saw a car.



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